inhibit curiosityMy curiosity always prompt me to give others questions, but sometimes my questions will let others think it’s a query based on untrust. For example, one time I am G2000asking my professor ,“professor, why don’t you request the other two guided students to go Taipei to take the lecture?”, since the professor have four guided students that is 借款included me and she just request two student to 關鍵字自然排序take the lecture in Taipei. However, professor just told me that, ”are you querying? ”,and then I am a little 襯衫frighten since I don’t know why the professor’s attitude become so serious and unpleasant, she was continuous saying ”Do you know the rhetoric you used is always questionary ?when 酒肉朋友you ask me in that way, I will think whether you are not satisfied that you need to go to the lecture or not. Becau 廣告行銷軟體se what you are asking sounds like you are doubting 汽車借款why other students don’t need to go? Hence, I will think you’re querying me and not trust me at all, since you are questioning the decision I made, and what I do is always having 借款my own reason. Did I really need to tell you the all origin of all my decisions?”. After hearing the whole comment, I really think I am too arrogant on my question. Nevertheless 關鍵591字點擊軟體, I didn’t really mean it, and what my question is not based on such situation the professor talk. However, I really learn a lot from this talk, I know that I need to 景觀設計revise the rhetoric I use and think more before I am saying it out, it’ s really a lesson. Furthermore, thanks a lot for teacher would like to give me the comment, I wish the 酒店打工teacher can continuously give me advise, thanks a lot. Sincerely. < 愛情公寓貼文軟體 br>

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